Larp 101

One of the LARP events I was at last year had a documentary crew wandering around, and they’ve produced this, which serves as a useful introduction to LARP as a concept:

In general it’s good. The two events they seem to have filmed are Curious Pastimes (most of the huge battles and set shots), which I don’t play; and Profound Decisions‘ Odyssey (All the wooden-palasade battles with romans and hoplites), which I helpĀ referee. The video is very much taken up with the kit and combat aspects of the game, rather than more talky roleplay, and it would be nice to see some points of view from the less fighty-smashy end of the spectrum, but the battles and battle imagery is without doubt the impressive spectacle you need for a video documentary.

(Also the bit of the documentary where there’s a bloke with a staff that bends around corners to hit people? that’s actually dangerous and made me cringe.)

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The World Tour Of Scotland


Being a member of Brewdog‘s Equity For Punks scheme, I get a discount, a nice membership card, and the opperturnity to make sure, in a proper investorly way, that they can, in fact, organise a piss-up in a brewery. Specifically, their own. For this reason I’ll be meandering my merry way up to Scotland at the end of April. Specifically, I’ll be hitting Glasgow on Thursday 26th, Aberdeen on the 28th, Back to Glasgow on the 29th, and back to London on the 30th. (Because doing that on a tighter or more logical timeline makes the train tickets go from “That’s quite expensive” to “Bloody hellfire, are they running these things by burning five pound notes?”. I haven’t even looked at places to stay yet.)

So, if you’re anywhere near any of those places, we should meet up for a drink or several.

(Update: This Is Not An April Fool).