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Church HIV prayer cure claims ’cause three deaths’

The women died after attending churches in London where they were encouraged to stop taking the antiretroviral drugs in the belief that God would heal them, their friends and a leading HIV doctor said.

Which reminds me.

It rained for days and days and there was a terrific flood. The water rose so high that one man was forced to climb on top of his roof and sat in the rain. As the waters came up higher a man in a rowboat came up to the house and told him to get in. “No thank you, the Lord will save me!” he said, and the man in the rowboat rowed away.

The waters rose to the edge of the roof and still the man sat on the roof until another rowboat came by and another man told him to get in. “No thank you, the Lord will save me!” he said again, and the man rowed away.

The waters covered the house and the man was forced to sit on his chimney as the rain poured down and a helicopter came by and another man urged him to get in or he’ll drown. “No thank you,” the man said again, “The Lord will save me!”

After much begging and pleading the man in the helicopter gave up and flew away. The waters rose above the chimney and the man drowned and went to heaven where he met God.

“Lord, I don’t understand,” he told Him, frustrated, “The waters rose higher and higher and I waited hours for you to save me but you didn’t! Why?”

The Lord just shook his head and said, “What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter?!”

  1. Never trust a church with that many words in it’s name. The BBC cites them as “Evangelical Christian pastors”, but a quick look at their website suggests that they’re more in the charismatic pentecostal wing. That’s not to say that I personally don’t believe that God could heal someone from HIV – God wouldn’t exactly be an omnipotent being if He couldn’t – but I know of no respectable church that would ever recommend that anyone stop medication for anything without first consulting their doctor.

  2. That story is one of the best on that topic actually. Who are you to decide how God is going to help you? And why would he not help you because you take your medicines? Stupid ignorant people.

    And I’m rather religous…

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