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If I was to sum up this year in a word, it would be some kind of antonym for consistency.

I started the year happy and secure in a job I liked doing with a future I was looking forward to. I spent a long time feeling somewhat betrayed for what happened next, and for the same thing to happen six months later in the new job kind of ripped the arse out of any concept of job security I may have imagined.

I’ve got over that. Mostly. I’m really quite good at finding reasons why anything that failed is entirely my fault.

Anyway, since I don’t believe in job security anymore, I might as well embrace it. I’m now working as a contractor, doing short term web, mobile, sysadmin or whatever contracts can be served by my somewhat eclectic skillset. In my spare time, such has it is, I’m working on Piracy Inc, Soulbook and Toffia (the latter two being some kind of fiction experiment) and generally attempting to rejoice in the things people will employ me to do, rather than the things they won’t.

The rest of my life continues with no major upheaval. I enjoy living and working in London, although the constant barrage of “I hate London nobody should ever want to live there” brings me down occasionally, I have a wonderful girlfriend who I love dearly, and all other things fall in around that.

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  1. Well, I love London, and I definitely want to live here! Good onyer for mostly managing to embrace the positive stuff again 🙂

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