Something I keep doing: Forgetting to commit to git.

Having pretty much moved everything over to git & github for all my source control needs, I am now getting used to how Git works. It hasn’t, however, solved the problem that I’ll occasionally work on something for a while, make it work on my local system, then forget to commit to it and return some days later to work on something else. Commits become either huge things of no trackability, or I end up committing by chunk and trying to remember exactly *why* I changed the define syntax to be “look up” instead. So, because I don’t have enough impenetrable bash scripts in my life, I wrote another one.

This one finds git repositories in $HOME, iterates though them looking for where your friendly user hasn’t committed stuff, and then whines to him in email about it.

it’s executed like this:

and the “” file looks like this: