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Today is the 25th December 2009, although it’ll be boxing day by the time this is posted. It’s five to midnight.

Today I woke up early when I got a text message saying my server (which hosts this site, for example) was down. Turns out I haven’t fixed the thing that makes the backup process explode and go crazy. I think I’ve done so now, if you can read this it’s possible.

Shortly afterwards I discovered that Christmas day is the one day a year my girlfriend becomes a morning person. There were small presents, and then there was “wait until sunrise”, and then there were more presents. We got a slow cooker, which will be handy. I got Clare a pony, a kitten and an elegant manor (Well, a hornby model bookshop. It was the closest Hamley’s sold). This is what happens when the answer to “What do you want for Christmas?” gets taken literally.

Once again, I left my Christmas shopping until the last minute, only this time the 23rd instead of Christmas Eve. I recommend it, in a way. It means that “I must find the perfect gift” gets sidelined for “I must find *a* gift”, and since in almost all circumstances the existence and applicability of the gift is more important than its worth and/or contents, this all works out fine.

After that we played co-op Borderlands for a while. Eventually we hit a point where the mission we were on was very obviously over our level and gave up in favour of bacon sandwiches and a walk down the canal that runs close to our flat. Then more games until I went to cook Christmas dinner, which was roast pork with a vast array of trimmings. This worked quite well, slightly overboard on the trimmings, and the crackling didn’t, but it was tasty.

This evening we watched “Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra“, which I highly recommend for the redoing of the William Tell overture alone. While Bailey’s classic song material does work well with an orchestra backing, I think I would have preferred more “Guide” and less older “Bill Bailey”. It’s still both funny and well worth watching.

Then I updated my weblog. It’s ten years old soon.

Christmas Haul

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