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Today I went to the Game Affilate event, which was an excuse for Game to say how it’s split up its market (Into 7 bits. Including “Pestered Parents” and “Cyber Lords”) and for the various publishers to demo stuff.

We watched videos of Beatles Rock Band, FIFA 10 and stuff, and watched people play Blur (The new racing game from the people who did Project Gotham. It’s a lot more arcadey and fun, most like a slightly more real-world Mariokart) and Split Second (Another racing game, this one with the twist that you can blow up half the track and reroute it to your advantage). A new room full of people was convinced of how awesome Brutal Legend is going to be, which is good for Double-Fine, and we saw some other stuff.

I only got to play two things, the first was “Toy Story Mania!” (yet another) minigame collection for the Wii. This one more polished than most – even with the half finished code I played – and something that if I had any kids to put it in front of, I’d put it in front of them.

The second, though, was Arkham Asylum.

Arkham Asylum is a game where you play batman. It is a batman-em-up. It is a game where you are trapped in Arkham with a best-of all the villains batman’s ever put in there. It’s a game where you have a button that analyses the room around you to tell you how many people have guns, which is important as people with guns can kill you straight off.

It’s a game where you rappel up onto a gargoyle, knock out a guard and rappel to another gargoyle before his mates find out. It’s a game where if someone is stupid enough to stand beneath your high place, you can drop down, string him up, and wait for his friends to find him so you can knock them out from the shadows.

It is a game where, in the absence of high places to leap from, and dark places to hide in, you will hit people with your fist until they stop moving. You will still not kill any of them.

It is a batman-em-up. It plays like a batman-em-up.

I’m probably going to be buying this game.

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