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I now own Left 4 Dead. It appears quite good, but I would like to play with people who I can rely more upon not to, for example, hare off into the distance alerting every zombie in the world to our location and then die and demand everyone heal him.

Left 4 Dead is a co-operative zombie-based shooty game. Very co-operative. You need to stick together or you will die. You need to not be a moron, or you will die. You need to both support and rely on your team mates. Or you will die.

(And then you will play as the zombies, and the humans will die instead).

If you would like to play with me at this game over christmas – or Team Fortress 2, or many others – you should friend me on Steam:

  1. Like Aquarion I have “suffered” the idiots who just want to run off, alert the hoards and then decide to shoot their own team whilst in the various safe houses.
    To be frank this initially put me off but I dropped into a team, including an excellent Swedish chap, who worked together to play the level as a unit, rather than a bunch of individuals.
    What occured can only be described as pure gaming pleasure.
    The fact that we were miked up really helped. Although the occasions trying to describe where to find the health pills and and a few pipebombs were comedic but helped lighten the tension. “Over here, by the window”….”_what window?_”…”errr, the one by the door”…”_which door?_”…”The one with the army bloke hanging through it, oh and his arm is missing..and his head”. Awesome! The fact that I was killed just as I was running to the truck didn’t matter. They, including my Swedish friend, made it. (What a self-sacrificing hero I was, ha, ha!). *Like Aquarion I welcome folks wanting to team up, so friend me on Steam.*

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