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Interestingly, it appears I have now actually been with a startup long enough to launch a brand new product.

So, we – and by ‘We’ I mean “some of us and the lead designer” – went off to San Francisco to be one of the TechCrunch 40 (Who apparently believe just because their name is intercapped so is ours), and we did our presentation.

I shall, for the sake of my sanity, draw a thick veil over the leadup to the presentation, because a) I’d like to turn it into an episode in the corporate blog, and b) I do not particually wish to be murdered in my sleep.

Most fun has been reading the reports of our presentation, which include things like

My god�¦ Trutap developers take stage and peform Boys-II-Men-style jingle. What a multi-talented bunch (and apparently quite at home with public humliation.) John Paczkowski From Digital Daily


I’m in London. I can see the entire development team from my seat. Trust me, not only are we not in San Fransisco, where it’s sunny for starters, we’re also not being publically humiliated quite yet.

On the other hand, we have just launched a new service, so there’s still time.

It wasn’t us on stage. Really it wasn’t. I really am not joking. From the dev chat room this evening:

(Vivek) what was the audience reaction to me? also, which of us do they reckon is going to be the breakaway developer?

Incidentally, we’ve launched trutap, which is the name of the product I can actually say now. It’s a messaging platform with a useful and easy to use mobile client, which also does IM from the phoen. As CTO Carl said on stage, we’ll be releasing things like APIs soon.

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