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Minor design evolution on Aqcom, not that – in the age of RSS readers and Livejournal – anyone ever visits actual websites anymore, but we try to spruce up the place for the occasional search engine visitor. New banner for a couple of weeks – advertising Bioshock, massive surprise – and replaced the “what do you mean, I can click them?” picture navigation down the right with something a little more logical. Still working on how I’m going to integrate twitter onto the main page, I might follow Mr Keith’s lifestream idea by aggregating the content from Stalker.istic (Which I should integrate Facebook into at some point).

One of the things in the new sidebar is a link to my new fiction thing, which went into the world on Sunday. Stuff happens on it weekly, or should do at any rate. I might move the day of the week, because it appears that if you do anything on Sunday it gets lost in the TL;DR effect of getting up to date on a Monday morning.

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Have played the Bioshock Demo

It is the awesome, and ran perfectly.

Waiting for the weekend with difficulty.

(And not least because I’m on holiday next week)