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From Suicide Girls’ (I read it for the articles) (No, really, I do. They publish good articles. Wil Wheaton writes for them, and Warren Ellis. I really do read it for the articles) (It is something of a sad state of affairs that I do read it for the articles, and not for – say – the naked pretty girls. I really am being very defensive about this, aren’t I? I do feel guilty for reading the articles and liking them lots and then not buying a subscription, but the main thing you get for the subscription is teh nekkid, and I’m not really interested in that) (Well, obviously I am, in the default male vanilla… look, stop judging me, okay? I can hear you judging me, so just stop it. I will not be judged by you, stop it. STOP WITH THE JUDGING.

From Suicide Girl’s Newswire, We see the foll… no, it’s no good. I’m pretty sure I opened at least one bracket there that I didn’t close, and it’s going to bother me forever until I find it. Like a broken chord, and such… there it is. )

From Suicide Girl’s Newswire, We see the following story (See, got there in the end):

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has issued a statement condemning an apparent “Sopranos” product tie-in: A pool cue endorsed by former cast member Joseph Gannascoli. During the sixth season, Gannascoli’s character Vito Spatafore was beaten to death, and then sodomized, with a pool cue after his mob crew discovered he was gay.

Uh oh. This isn’t going to be good.

The gay and lesbian community embraced the “Sopranos” storyline because “Gay Vito” was a sympathetic character and his death brutally demonstrated intolerance. The pool cue is marketed by a company called Rockwell Billiards, which, in an epic moment of poor-taste decision-making, branded the product with the phrase “A Cue to Die For.”

Just in case you thought the world was running out of stupid.

“Joeseph Gannascoli’s website” advertises the pool cue despised and given free publicity by a GLAAD press release (You’re lucky I didn’t title that link GLAAD Tidings) which is noticed by a TV Week Columnist and from there to Suicide Girls, and there to an obscure little British website.

AND NOW! Computer Games. Don’t jud… oh, you weren’t.

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