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Charlotte Gainsbourg, AF607105

(Not my absolute favourite track on the album, but the free one)

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Simpsons Movie

To all people who were expecting something other than a 90 minute Simpsons Episode:

What did you want? Waffles?

Went to see the Simpsons Movie. it is Good. The Simpsons suffers somewhat from Golden Age syndrome, that being it was always better when you started watching it, but – in my opinion – the best bits were Simpsons at its best, and the not-so-good bits were the better bits from the episodes you didn’t like much.

Also, it contains the best punchline to a cliché “How long can we keep objects in front of a naked person’s genitals” sequence in the world ever.

And also: Stay to the end.

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This Skittles advert is downright creepy (Via Helljack)

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Mac Question And Answer

Okay, first, the answer:

Q: How do I open HQX files in Tiger, since they’ve dropped native support?

A: Open it in Safari. Not even kidding.

And the question.

Internet! Answer me!

What does it mean when, on a G4 powerbook, the green light around the power adapter is pulsing on and off?

Note: I do not remotely expect this to be a good thing.

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Hallo Death

The next Maelstrom event happens at the same time as the next Harry Potter book.

From the head ref, Matt Pennington:

(GOD is the Games Operations Desk)

Just as a teensy-weensy small point to bear in mind. If anyone so much as mentions this book or one word of the contents in my earshot in GOD I will throw you off site and ban you for life. But on the plus side I will only attempt violence against you if you are smaller than me or a girl. Try not to see this as a threat, I like to think of it more as a sort of public-service broadcast….

I’m not allowed to read the book until after the event on the incredibly flimsy basis that I will simply stay up all night until I have read it. Therefore I have to wait until later. The last time I had to “wait until later” the most moronic girl in the universe just happened to mention that Qui Gon Jin gets a bit unwell before the end of the film. I have one regret to this day. I regret that that woman is still alive somewhere….

Obviously you’re fine discussing any part of the book in GOD unless you happen to be overheard by my other half. She is much more sensible and mature about this than me. She will use the database to find out where you live, drive round your house that night and burn it to the ground. I am told this leaves less witnesses. She has checked with the DPA and apparently this does not constitute an infringement of the act as she is not passing your data to a third party. However I think these things are best handled by face-to-face interaction with the criminal and that it is why I will be bringing a real machete to the event.

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Iphones and spices

There are questions yet to be answered about Apple’s newest product. Will the .eu version have 3G? Who will carry it in the UK? Will it ever support flash? But the most important question has now been answered, and answered well.

Will it blend?

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Dr Who Fans Phrasebook

“Jon Pertwee”
An actor who – at the time he was cast in Doctor Who – was chiefly known for his comic characterisations with wide popular appeal. A masterstroke of casting which reinvigorated the show.

“Catherine Tate”
An actress who – at the time she was cast in Doctor Who – was chiefly known for her comic characterisations with wide popular appeal. A mistake of quite apocalyptic proportions that will, I predict, kill off the show for good.

And the rest

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Kill Da Wabbit

What’s Opera Doc? one of the world’s greatest cartoons was 50 on Friday.

Because of the wonder of the internet, and expiring copyrights, you can watch it online (and even on YouTube)