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All you’re doing is hurting whatever causes you claim to be supporting by pissing everyone the fuck off. What, do you think that eventually we’ll all be flying in hospital dressing gowns with no sharp objects (potential weapons), electronic equipment (makeshift tasers), liquids (apparently, might explode), pants (modifiable into garroting equipment), books (paper cuts are bad!) or small children (they could be encouraged to scream at a frequency that jams radio transmissions, thus allowing someone to take control of the plane), and you’ll be able to open a competing airline that doesn’t do all this shit but runs the risk of blowing the fuck up? Because there are better business models.
Cadhla on Terrorism

Get on the damn elevator! Fly on the damn plane! Calculate the odds of being harmed by a terrorist! It s still about as likely as being swept out to sea by a tidal wave. Suck it up, for crying out loud. You re almost certainly going to be okay. And in the unlikely event you’re not, do you really want to spend your last days cowering behind plastic sheets and duct tape? That s not a life worth living, is it?
John McCain on Terrorism

(Last one was stolen from Senji)

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