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20 of your unusual words I want to work these into everyday conversation humour, language, words

(Note to self: People can’t read articles if you don’t get around to posting them) So, O’Reilly is selling screen-estate and pagerank and Phil thinks this is Bad, because they are a Global Megacorperation And Should Be Making Money From

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(Moved to holistic while I work out how to serve the special characters as UTF-8 properly).

It would seem that I was wrong about big business The four stages of Climate Change (nee. Global Warming) denial climateChange, politics The (Yes Minister) Four stages of governmental crisis management Spot the difference humour, yesMinister

So, I’m sat here at work, and it’s Talk Like Pirate Day. So I’m going to do what I did last time I mentioned it. The Pirate Training Day sketch Which is _my_ MP3, despite the fact that someone called

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DIY Argument humor The New Highway Code driving, fun, funny

I’m still here, somewhere. The last year has been something of a write-off, productivity-wise (outside work, at any rate), but I’m working on stage two of Getting My Life In Order. Lack of updates are mostly because whingy stuff isn’t

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CARLTON DRAUGHT BIG AD It’s a big ad art, beer, tv, video

Sgt Peppers Paradise Four parts Beatles to two parts Guns & Roses mashup, mp3, music

The new shape Guardian has launched, and I’m actually impressed. It looks cool, it’s well designed, and while they’ve dropped a couple of things I liked (Doonesbury and Pass Notes, both from G2), they seem to be replacing them with

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