Archive: August 2005

Gamers’ Bill of Rights Developers incapable of understanding the difference between armor and lingerie will have a steel plate welded to their groin. gaming, humour

99p coin could ‘save shoppers millions’ Blue sky research finance, fools

Panic Lives Panic was the name given to my old Amiga 600, currently sitting in my grandparent’s spare bedroom along with all the other Amiga stuff, but I took a backup of its contents a couple of years ago (It

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Just in case you feel the need to feel like an inferior programmer, or just want a geeky printout to paper your walls with, ID Software have Open Sourced the Quake III engine under the GPL (Fileshack Download) (No resource

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Lonecat bought a copy of Half Blood Prince on the day it was released. I bought a pile of Sharpe books. She read it, then read a bit of Phoenix, then read Prince again. Last night, she loaned me her

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Viewing Color Code: A Color Portrait of the English Language art, java, language

Distressingly, the Badby youth hostel is going to close. Badby was the site of my very first proper ‘meet weird people off the internet’ thing (Where I met Aquarius, Khendon and various other people for the first time). Sold it

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The Signpost Forest at Watson Lake, Yukon – ExploreNorth system:unfiled

William Shatner: Rocketman A Video. Via Quantum Moth humour, music, shatner, video

the cat chess board game cats, chess, gaming