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Grr. My computer keeps randomly powering down.

Sometimes it lasts ages, sometimes just minutes, but always it powers down like someone just unplugged it at the wall. I’ve made sure all the cables are reseated, I’ve tried unplugging things until it works – which it doesn’t – I even ran Memtest overnight to see if it was that and reinstalled Windows. The only thing I can do to make it reliably crash is play City of Heroes, and then it works for a few minutes.

I’m guessing either Power Supply, overcooked CPU or possibly graphics card/drivers. So I’ve installed Ubuntu to see if it crashes under that, if it does then I’ll roll back the ATI drivers and see if that fixes it, otherwise I’m going to be randomly buying hardware to see if it stops.

I hate computers.

It was, in fact, the power supply. So that’s a relatively cheap fix…

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