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Somewhat to my suprise, I have recieved not one, but two patches to open source projects that I run. That is that gilmae submitted a better install document for AqWiki, and John Meadows has submitted a new version of the viewer file for MusicDB

Flush with this success, I’ve started a new project. Well, two. Threeish, really. First, I’ve gone back to the base system that Cantrip and Escape will be built on, which is actually the Epistula execution model rebuilt in python and mod_python. This is almost finished (yay) and is far neater than the PHP version (double yay) but I’m having trouble with one thing. So, pythonites who are still reading this crap: How do I initalise a class where the name of the class is contained in a variable?

Two, and more importantly, how should I have known this?

The third thing is a collision of a few technologies I’ve been wanting to use for a while: XMLTV, SQLite and AJAX, or DHTML, or whatever we’re calling it today, with a dash of new-media SMS stuff thrown in. Basic premise for project Scout is that it sends you an SMS ten minutes before a TV program that you wanted is due to start. It’s a little more complicated than that, but not much (Until you get to the AJAX bits, really). Enough for me to be able to use it to drink even more of the Python kool-aid, while having something more useful at the end than a random philosophy generator.

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