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Sunday you know about.


  • Aquarion convinces himself to go to work because shit was meant to happen.
  • Shit didn’t happen.
  • Aquarion is pleased with himself, because he went to work despite wanting to throw things at people.
  • Aquarion’s imune system is not quite so pleased, and falls to pieces.


  • Aquarion stays in bed except when he has to go to the bathroom.
  • Upstreams’s upstream’s router explodes.
  • Aquarion spends most of day dealing with it.
  • Lights in bathroom explode.


  • Aquarion decides that if life doesn’t want him to stay at home, he should go to work.
  • DVD Player arrives at work. It was supposed to ship to home. Ah well. Yay! DVD player!
  • DVD Player doesn’t come with cables to plug it into TV.
  • Really ultra-obscure bug at work. Someone else discovers why it happens. Nasty.


  • Did you now that if you have two PHP sites running on the same box, they will expire each others sessions?
  • Also, it doesn’t matter how long you set the expiry time on the session to be, the Garbage Collection expires them after half an hour.
  • Get cables for DVD player.
  • DVD player output now tinted red. Wonder if I can find some way of combining it with the Playstation and a blue filter of some kind.
  • Fix this. DVD Player works. Yay!
  • Make plan. We shall order pizza, for then I won’t set light to anything. This is not a good week.
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