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The externalness of data

I have previously been accused of “NIH” syndrome.

“Not Invented Here”, a state whereby you refuse do something one way because it’s someone elses.

And to some extent that’s true. I don’t use Blogger anymore because Aquarionics grew beyond it, and the custom system allows for more fun things than the old system did.

However, the more recent additions to the site – the linklog subsystem, the moblog subsystem (Which is, in fact, merely the webcam subsystem with a new name) have never had the time and effort spent on them that they deseve. Besides which, and Flickr both do the jobs better and are much nicer in a sort of “All together” type social structure.

Plus, tagging is neat.

The Linklog has been Delicious for a while now, and now the Moblog has Flickrd into existance, plus – as you may have noticed – I can post to the journal directly from my Futurephone


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Rabbit hole

The elephant was late again today. I was never sure how they can claim for the elephants to run on time until I accidentally fell asleep on one a couple of weeks ago and found myself at the depot (Huge place, by the way, though you wouldn’t think about it by the size of the phone boxes) where I saw them feeding one up with tone upon ton of digital alarm clocks, freshly squeezed. The nice man helped me out of the elephant though – fortunatly the digestion process is fairly slow, though I think I’ve gained about a fortnight. I’ll have to go to the gym next week.

Anyway, the late elephant at Elysia meant I missed the fast night to Avalon station, so I had to catch the slow one that stops at every little star along the way. It was odd, I’ve been catching that night for months now without having to take the slow bus, and there was almost this physical disconnect when we passed the third star on the right and headed west towards Gilead. All of which meant I was late for work in Avalon, which will probably mean extra shoe polish on wednesday unless I can find the whiting. I thought I’d gotten away with it until I saw a note from Dodgeson in the strawberry patch on my desk, asking me to take the stairs up to the basement for a “Discussion of my musical thermometer ice cream project” which was obviously a cheap trick to cut the woman in half. Nevertheless, I took the lift down to the penthouse and then the train over to Dodgesons cottage pie, where I got a dressing up as a milkman for daring to catch a late elephant twice in the last decade. I’ve not really any idea how I can post these pengiuns until they fly, really, but I’m sure the card tricks will work out fine, unless the rabbits get them.

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My birthday present to you. May contrain traces of the word “Fuck”:

London Underground

(Buy their CD)

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See you Lotr

I’d have written this earlier, except I broke Aquarionics’ admin section with a badly formed class. ‘tis fixed now.

This weekend I did something that could be seen as slightly foolish. Me, and 10 other people, watched the entirety of Lord Of The Rings, Extended Editions, from Shire to Doom, A to Z, Beginning to all three false endings.

It took 13 hours, including pizza, dead limb and disc changing breaks. It included a count of Legolas’ facial expressions and various other fun things. It lasted from mid-afternoon on Saturday to 05:30 on Sunday morning. Then we slept. We were very tired.

As three theatrical releases they were quite good movies. As extended editions they are very good movies and in some ways tell a better story than the original books (Not as deep, certainly, but a more engaging story in places), but it’s as a single movie in three parts that they really do shine, and the running threads make far more sense. I’m still not entirely sure about some of the changes (Though the two major scenes removed – Tom & Scouring – were reasonably obvious ‘whole chunks’ to keep the thing under, say, a day) but I’m positive this is the best version of the classic series that we were ever going to get.

The weekend was fun though – although the trip back was something of a disaster – and I got to meet New and Interesting people, and exchange puns.

Which is always fun.

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Green with anti-piracy

If you plug your Playstation 2 into your TV with a scart lead, and then put in a DVD, the PS2 will tint the screen green This is an anti-piracy measure.

Pirates are, apparently, afraid of the colour green.

Braindead. Completely and totally braindead.

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Desk Photo

Image099.jpg, originally uploaded by Aquarion.

This is a test of the emergancy flickr photoposting system. This is not a drill, it’s a photo. if it were a drill, there’d be holes.


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Random screams of fear

Lack of posts. Here’s why:

My main problem with Zope is the documentation which is either a) for a version in advance of the one I’m using; b) has a prerequisite level I can only aspire to; or c) Doesn’t answer the question I have (like ‘What parameters do I feed it?’) whilst being the comprehensive, only documentation on the subject.

I’ve switched to KDE at work, because whilst I don’t like the interface, bloatedness or flakyness of it (esspecially JuK and Artsd, which I have to manually kill several times a day), the KIO system rocks (Basically, it allows me to open webdav documents with the filename ‘webdav:user@server/path/to/doc’, other documents over an ssh connection (fish:user@server/path/to/doc) or anything. There is absolutly no fucking way this should be part of the desktop environment, it should be split off from KDE so that everything, everybody, from curses to gnome to enlightenment should be able to (and should) use it.

Most of all, because the only text editor I can use with it is Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor, and I keep getting syntax errors because ”:wn” isn’t valid python. No, kvim doesn’t work. The Ubuntu (actually Debian in this case) package for AMD64 doesn’t actually include the kvim binary and I can’t get the thing to compile manually.

And now I have 10 minutes to get up and dressed before I have to go try to catch the bus. TTFN