Dark Light

So last night I dreamt I was setting up a wiki.

Except I was doing it with about two hundred people in a warehouse, and I put Artela and Lalajia in charge of the magazine, which wasn’t going to be called Cogsworth after the clock in beauty and the beast. I set other people (afpers, afers, suds people and school-friends I haven’t seen for ever) doing other things.

The first rehearsal involved everyone sitting at exam desks, and Lalajia got number 001, and called it out, so I wrote it down, but then I had to go.

I got to where I needed to be, but when I was going back, I ran into the (government?) operatives we were hiding from. I refused to show them my ID card, so they shot at me with blue plasma cannons.

Fortunately I was super-fast and bulletproof.

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