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iTunes hates me.

There are worse things to get stuck in your head than the last sixty seconds of the prologue from Godspell (Which consists, for those who don’t know, of eight people singing completely seperate words and tunes at the same time in a way that sounds cool), but currently I can’t think of one.

Currently, in fact, I can’t think of anything apart from the last sixty seconds or so of the prologue from Godspell. All eight parts. Which would be the problem.

This was a problem yesterday, and I ejected it with the copy of the Theme from Invader Zim, Soulchild 19-2000, Hakuna Matata, Magic Roundabout and Pigeon Street themes that are in my playlist for that very reason.

And I was Happy. and all was Good.

Now iTunes is playing it, just after The Frog Song.

iTunes hates me.

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