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Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew a comment was made by the same person who made the other comments under that name?

I’ve ‘borrowed’ an idea by Shelley, where she provides a list of comments made under the given name or URL. She calls the feature ‘Speakback’ and launched it under the declamitorily titled post By their own words shall they be known this time last year. I’ve been meaning to do something similer in Epistula since she made that post, and today I did so.

Basically, beside each comment – on the right hand side if you have CSS on – are a series of links enabling you to jump to a list of comments from that name, url, email or IP address, which is all the metadata I hold on comments. Because there are good reasons I didn’t display email and IP address before, I’m not going to break out of that. You will only ever see the md5 hash of either of those.

It’s not as if I have a troll problem or anything, but boredom brings out different things in different people…

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