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Michel Valdrighi, one of the founder members of the sinister1 and complicated Blogite collective2 who used to be at is back with his shiny new domain, and shiny new WordPress install3 and shiny new weblog at

Also, Epistula now pings both Technoarti and Yahoo’s XML-RPC interfaces. and the formating system has been upgraded to Textile 2 beta, which brings me easy tables, easy classes and… feetneat:

1 That’s right, left handed.

2 Neither sinister nor collective, even. One day it might even come back.

3 Making him the third person today I’ve seen make reference to it

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To: The world in general

So, Lonecat has now moved out of the flat.

There is an empty room where her stuff once was.

I would like, if this would be possible, to have a house at some point soon.

I would also like not to move next year. That would be nice. An entire 12 month period where I’m living in the same house and have a job would be a novelty. In fact, just the house would be good.

I would also – and this is a concentrated attempt to limit the amount of pathetic whinging that characterised the first year or so of the diary to a single sentance – would like things to stop getting worse, just for a little while, so I can shovel this particular mountain of shit before the next one arrives.

That’d be great. KThxBye

Faithfully yours,

Nicholas Avenell.

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Can’t blog, floor will eat me.

The current state of my room

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Trading up is hard to do

Okay, I’m now six weeks ahead on Header graphics changes, which may be a little far. OTOH, the last two have been pushed back so I could get the next few in, some of which are obscure to the point that I’m going to need to write at least three paragraphs to explain them, others are just one-off jokes.

Still others don’t have a semi-amusing tagline. Shock, horror.

Headers are now, as I mentioned, sticky, so the header that was displaying at the time that the top article you can see was active will be the one in the heading. For permalinked items, this will always be the directly related articles, for archives it will be the one for that month – or the first week of that month – etc etc.

This header was due to run over the week that I took off work to move house and get everything in the new place sorted. Unlike Jeremy, however, our moving-house exercise has been thwarted.

The monday before we were due to move in, the house we were about to move into vanished off the market due to ‘personal matters’. You could take that as a sign that should we have got it, we wouldn’t want a landlady quite that uncooperative. Personally, I take it as a personal insult, but nevermind.

The flat we agreed – last weekend – would do for now until we got a better place (Reluctantly. I’m fed up with planning on moving less than a year after I move somewhere) was gone by the time we placed an offer.

There are no more.

So, it looks like the Move To Letchworth may become a Move To Hitchin, or Bullcock Baldock, or somewhere, but has no chance of resolving before the 9th, which is when the notice on this place runs out.

So I’m going to be living with my parents again, Yay Kipper-ness

Anyway, the header. The tagline came as an idea while we were going though the whole moving thing, and the original picture (which is attached to this post) was taken on a whim in Reading when I was wandering to work one morning and saw this huge row of For Sale signs.

In case anyone doubts Vanderpump & Wellbelove’s existance (Our infamous letting agent) the sign on the right is proof.

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Crazy Game

Courtasy of Mr. Gillen comes the Crazy Game, which is a whole 27k.

Your challange is to last… ooh, thirty seconds?

The rules are easy: If it’s moving, it’ll kill you if you hit it.

08:24 – It’s a Windows executable

16:33 – You’ll have to save it as something.exe for it to work properly

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Too many penguins

Apple Imported From Epistula

Apples, Rhubarb & Custard

  • 256MB DDR266 SDRAM – 2 SO-DIMMs
  • 60GB Ultra ATA drive
  • Bluetooth Module
  • AirPort Extreme Card
  • Keyboard & Mac OS
  • 1GHz PowerPC G4
  • 14-inch TFT display
  • Two USB ports
  • One FireWire port
  • Power Adapter
2004 Imported From Epistula Personal

Twenty Three

It seems like only yesterday I was 22.

Oh, yes. Of course.

Being 23 is very much like being 22 so far, only with more cookies and less pasta.

And, of course, the startling knowledge that I am now offically closer to 25 than 20.

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‘pologies livejournalers, I asked LJ to start using the RSS2 feed, which – in a drastic break from tradition – they have done.

They’re still using the non-HTML feed, which was the aim of the exercise. Ah well.

The meet, BTW, is because it’s my birthday on Monday.

2004 Imported From Epistula Personal social

Short Notice Meet

The Time: 18:30pm GMT.
The Date: Monday, January 26th
The Place: The Green Man, Euston Road, London, England. (More info here)
The Reason: Guess
The Invite: If you can read this, you’re invited.

leave a comment here if you wish to warn me of your probable presence.