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It’s been an Interesting Week on Planet Aquarion. The big news is that my SO is – finally – in permenant work after over a year of searching. The bad news – from my point of view – is that it’s in Letchworth, about half an hour north of London. We are in Reading, about a half an hour west of London. Going across London is about a half hour, and, generally, it’s too far to commute. So LoneCat is living with her Grandparents near Letchworth, and we are planning to move again.

We’ve only lived here six months, and we’re now moving back to almost where we moved from. Great.

My current plans involve a certian paranoia in not, under any circumstances, allowing what happened last time to happen this time too. Last time we moved out of Cambridge on 1st April. We finally moved into Reading in mid-May. A month and a half sleeping on sofas with 90% of my belongings in storage was unpleasant, and I have no intention of doing it again. The other down side is that this house requires 60 days notice on moving out, as opposed to the 30 days the previous house required, which means even if we move out tomorrow (unlikely) we will still be paying rent until the end of January. (Probably. I may have a way around this).

On top of all this, our Letting Agents decided not to honour LC’s letter of intent from Reading Council to pay her housing benefit (It was delayed by 12 weeks by the time it was delivered last week) by sending us a letter stating this fact, and then a week later with an eviction notice. This was also sorted.

Last friday was the final deadline for the first version of my project at work. I dislike 12 hour days, but when I was unable to go into work on the Thursday because I was too ill, I didn’t get much choice.

Oh, and apparently it’s nearly christmas. Yay.

But yesterday I went to Cambridge and met people, and played fun games, and saw LoneCat, and this was Good.

Now, everyone should watch University Challange tonight (BBC2, 8.30) because my friend is on it (Warner, Caius).

And Ccooke and Ruthi are engaged. Congratulations 🙂

Content soonish. Promise.

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