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For those who are new to this, there is a meet this weekend (Saturday) in London, England, Sol. People will be there. (well, I will. Other people will as well, and about a dozen people have expressed interest) The plan is loose and fluid, and works like this:

At 2pm we will meet in Regents Park. Regent’s park being a rather large place, we wil be meeting on the south side of the stream just to the west of York Bridge, by the bench. Roughly about here [Map>] in fact. Though more around the island than on it.

We will then sit, and do stuff, and celebrate birthdays, and scare the passers by, and be in the pub by sixish.

The pub, in this instance, is the infamous Green Man of which so much has been written and said. Look for a group of people sitting, talking and drinking. Oh, they’ll probably have some kind of idenitfying book and a fluffy toy on the table to signify who they are. The GM does Food and Real Ale.

If it’s raining, we shall skip the park in favour of the pub.

If you have any confusion in your mind about this, email me (nicholas@aquarionics.com) and I’ll answer peoples worries and problems. If you’re teetering on the brink of coming, but are scared of strange people, don’t be. Not only do we not bite, but you will not be the only new person there for us to feast o… er… meat.


So be there, or regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.

But soon.

And until you watch Casablanca.

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