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Okay, details for the BlogMeet then:

At 2pm on Saturday 26th August July, Aquarion will go from Great Portland Street station to the trees by the bridge on York Bridge in Regents Park, London. There he will sit, picnic, and possibly drink tea.

If it’s raining, he’ll do none of these things, and will probably wander to find a nice tea-shop that will supply this sort of thing. You’d better phone him to find out where he, and anyone who might be with him, is.

At 6pm he, and anyone still with him at this point, will wander over to The Green Man (Which is just oposite Great Portland Street Tube Station), where they serve nice food and good beer, and there he – and anyone with him – will probably remain until everyone goes.

This is The Plan.

If you’re planning to drop in, drop me a line and I’ll send my mobile number so you can find us when it all goes horribly wrong.

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