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MP3 of the WeekThis week, I bring you someone you may have heard of, but probably didn’t know was a singer. This person is Milla Jovavich.

Milla is probably most famous for being “Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat” in the the movie ‘The Fifth Element’ (She’s the star that isn’t Bruce Willis) and the Red-Dressed heroine “Alice” in the so-so action violence very-very-video-game movie ‘Resident Evil’ (To which a sequal ‘RE: Apocalypse’ is in pre-production right now)

She’s also a singer. She has a couple of albums out, but I tripped over her when searching Audiogalaxy for obscure Divine Comedy tracks because her first album is called ‘Divine Comedy’. Anyway, This is my favourite track of hers that I own. It’s called “The Gentlemen who fell” and is this weeks’ Aquarionics.com MP3 of the Week.

Milla Jovavich – The Gentlemen Who Fell

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