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(Posted to all the people who registered interest, and also here. If you are also interested, either email me or post a comment saying so)

Bloody difficult people.

Okay, here is the thing. I asked for dates for a Blog Meet, and was given them. Do you see my mistake? Within the first six comments – or the first three sets of possible dates (Mark’s not counting, because 12/13th July wasn’t with the specified period) every single weekend was blocked as one everyone could come to, and sacrifices were going to have to be made.

Thumbnail of the chartIn the end, I was forced to make a chart. A chart damnit, to design the optimal date. And there wasn’t one, so I made a sacrifice.

As it is, instead of sacrificing half of you, possibly to some great god, I’m going to sacrifice my time, and organise not one, but two UK Weblog meets, on the 26th of July, and the 30th 23rd August, Moved from the 30th to the 23rd because I was a moron and didn’t put all Karen’s note into the graph. More details will be forthcoming when I’ve talked to the Green Man about it, but the current trend will probably be towards meeting in the park (Regents Park) at something close to 2pm on the Saturday and then wander over to the pub sometime around 6ish and remain there until everyone leaves. I’ll finalise these in a little while, at which point I’ll post the details on the UKBlogs-Social mailing list, cc’d to everyone who has shown interest.

Questions, Comments, and cries of “No! Not the comfy chair” to Nicholas At Aquarionics Dot Com. Have a nice day.

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