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MP3 of the WeekSo, a new thing for a new week then, and the start of a grand tradition whereby I introduce you to tracks you never ever would have even have considered listening to. In this case, you probably shouldn’t, but you will anyway, because you should be too intriged not to.

The first track is an offical, chartered, _disco remix_ of the Star Wars soundtrack medly, and this is what it is from:

The Star Wars Holiday Special

(Nov 17,1978) The most infamous 2 hours of Star Wars programming ever to grace television sets! This show was so bad that it was never re-aired or released to video, and has become a cult classic among Star Wars fans.

The story surrounds Chewbacca’s family preparing for Life Day back on their home planet. The show features all of the major cast members from the movie(Luke, Leia, Han, R2 & C-3PO & Vader). Carrie Fisher even makes an attempt at singing! It’s so bad that it is fun to watch! Also features Art Carney, Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Diahann Carroll and the Jefferson Starship. The show is most noted for the 1st appearence of Boba Fett and the Holiday Special Cartoon. The program even included a classic Kenner Star Wars toy commercial with R2D2 & C3PO.

From TimewarpTV‘s page

George Lucas […] did once state in an interview that he wishes he could track down and destroy every last copy of the Holiday Special, which isn’t that great a condemnation of the special itself, considering this is the same man who wants to track down and destroy every last copy of the original version of Star Wars before he added all the digital effects, extra jawas, and made Greedo shoot first.

From Teleport City‘s page

The holiday special is what happens when an exec at Lucasfilm decides to do a Holiday Special. Lucas hates it, it’s available on E-Bay, and one of the best things to come out of it was the remixed sound-track, which (while not containing Carrie Fisher singing the lyrics (There are lyrics?!) to the Star Wars theme) does contain a funky remix of it.

The MotW files will only be available until the following MotW is launched, so if this post is over a week old, you’re out of luck.

Download the MotW: Star Wars Remix
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