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On the front page of Aquarionics there could be at any one time several little pictures with the names of TV programs or films or something in them. These are the Viewometers, and this is why they exist:

A little while ago, I made a concentrated effort to catch up with Buffy by borrowing nine boxes of VHSs from LadyLark. In order for interested people to keep track of where I was on these, the Buffometer was created, a ever-changing graphic that represented where I was.

A while later, it was updated for my following of Buffy Season 6 (For which I’ve given up until the DVDs come out) (The DVDs have now come out, and I’m now waiting ‘till I can afford the DVDs).

Later still, I designed one for my minor obsession with “24”, and then later for The West Wing. If these are increasing quickly, you can probably bet that I’m watching lots of DVDs (probably via Kazaa) which may be why there is a lack of other stuff being updated on the site. Mostly it’s a way of allowing the rest of the world to keep ever-increasingly detailed tabs on what I’m doing with my life, which – after all – is what the site is here for, isn’t it?

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