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An eventful day. Well, comparatively. Nobody has phoned me telling me I’ve won a million on the lottery, which would surprise me. On the other hand, no people demanding five grand in unpaid tax. On the third hand, a lack of cheese engineered from Brussels sprouts seeking my destruction with the aid of exploding smiley faces.

Swings and roundabouts, then.

Yesterday Pol brought my camera back, which is very good. Today LoneCat finished making a birthday cake for me. It’s very, very nice, and looks like an Aquarium 🙂

Photos of said cake are in the gallery. Oh, yes, and I’ve gotten around to recoding the Gallery for Epistula. Go Me. On top of this, I’ve put the new design onto the Forever continuous story system, and done some behind the scenes tweaking to make bits slightly easier. Part of this new stuff includes the separating the Forever user system from the prospective AqCom one, which has the side-benefit that for the first time since November, new people can get Forever accounts. What? You don’t know what Forever is? go have a look. It’s very odd.

The two main topics in blogdom at the moment seem to be the Columbia incident and the war. My position on the Columbia thing is an unpopular one. I believe that seven astronauts perishing whilst doing something they enjoyed is less tragic than most of the rest of the deaths in this sad world. I’ve killfiled all the threads in the newsgroups I read on the subject because I find the arguments tedious, and I’ve given up arguing with those who keep telling me how tragic it is. Yes, it’s unfortunate. Yes, it’s sad. Move on. It may be simply that at my age (Younger than the ship) I don’t understand what it means for those who saw the first time. They died in service of their country. I fear, to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, that they are merely leaving early to avoid the rush.

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