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Today has been a level day.

This morning, I got up at 8am to a doorbell that hadn’t rung, because my brain was now used to the idea of a doorbell waking me up at 8am.

Boo Morning.

At 9:30, the bits for fixing my computer came, I installed with no problems and (thanks to the fact I’ve now replaced every central componant) it works.

Yay Technology.

I installed Windows 2k, and Syndirella (which rocks) and then we went to meet friends for lunch at The Dojo, and had noodles.

Yay Food.

Then I discovered I’m being clusterfucked by my bank in a way that is both totally my fault and someone elses, but can’t stop the ever-spiraling fuck right now.

Boo Money.

Then I got a phone call from someone to talk about a possible short contract.

Yay Work.

Then I found out that the reason the washing up was piling up was because it was my turn and nobody thought to tell me.

Boo Washing Up.

(I hate washing up with a passion unholy, especially when it’s washing up someone else should have done. I only do it for short periods of time, because otherwise I find the idea of smashing plates so I don’t have to clean them a better one. No Cool Toy makes it worth while.

Watched a small marathon of Buffy DVDs, and wished for Season Six to arrive on DVD soon.

Things are looking up. Expect more witty ramblings on life in general and mine in particular to come soon.

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