Dark Light

Today, I finally got around to watching the Extended Fellowship Of The Ring DVDs. In this, I have to agree with almost every person who has reviewed it – it is a far better film than the original cinematic was. The charectors (Particually Gimli and Aragorn) are far better developed, and the opening is far cleaner – with Ian Holm/Bilbo reciting the “Concerning Hobbits” passage over a few scenes which illustrate The Shire and it’s ways and means, Natually IMDB have a complete list of all modification.

The problem with the DVD set is a less obvious one. After spending a year steeped in Stop In The Name Of Love Argonath Statue references, Very Secret Diaries (Has anyone not seen the VSD’s yet? if not, do. Really, Really do), The Abridged Script (Again, really funny), The The Rocky Fellowship Palantir Show (via rho) and 50 reasons why LoTR sucks type stuff, you may find it difficult to take it seriously. To which I can only suggest you put it out of your mind for the duration. It really is a wonderful movie and I can’t wait until the third part to find out what happens next!!.

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