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Stuff I’m Working On:


Well, yeah, it’s a sort of constant. Next comes the Attachments system, followed by the Gallery. Most of the smaller hacks (like <Link> et. al.) will wait until I need a quick hacking task to get out of doing the washing up. Life’s like that :). In the meantime, I have to import the remainder of the writings, code up the review system (A larger task than Articles, Writings and Journals because they require a different input interface) and also the comments admin interface, the item editing interface, the user system (and events interface) and lots of stuff like that. Funtastic).

Also, I wish textile was open source, so I could steal it. As it is, I might make do with the Scoop text htmlification system, which I’d have to convert to PHP (or a PHP module) from perl. Damnit.


I know how it works, I have it adding people, Now it’s just a SMOP.


An open source version of Forever that isn’t tied to the old Klind user system.


Restricted section should work, really, and it should support multiple stories. Plus, the moderation system needs implementing.


Needs cliques adding again, probably. I’m still working on this one, Cliques made life complicated for me before because of people moaning that the cliques were being cliquy. Argle. Also, I need an interface to the anti-stalker system.


A web-based RSS aggregator that works roughly like LiveJournal’s Friends List, with the benifit of being free. For this, I’m learning Python (using Dive Into Python), because then I can use Mark‘s Ultra-Liberal RSS Reader for the back end.


Something that isn’t code. Not quite sure what it is yet, could be a website, might finally be the novel, could be another deep, dark hole. Involves clowns.

But right now it’s snowing. Snowing. Yay 🙂

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