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History of the tilde
So I was researching the history of the tilde, because D told me that her company just installed a new web proxy that denies access to any URL with a tilde in it. Presumably because the presence of a tilde indicates with remarkable accuracy a personal site, and apparently her employer believes that reading personal sites is not an appropriate use of company time. Which, to be honest, is probably accurate, given the nature of her work. But never mind that. I don’t want to talk about corporate politics. I want to talk about the tilde. (1586 words)
On diveintomark via NewsIsFree

So, Two interesting things this weekend, then. First is Mark’s researching into the Tilde, which has become (to me) more interesting from a information development and weblog spread perspective than from an actual historical one (Rich Salz (As in Rich $alz, Programmer of innd 1) has chimed in with more information, and it’s beginning to look like a Who’s Who of internet development)

Second is that, because I’m behind on my weblog reading due to spending far too much time playing Pharaoh, The first I heard of it was when I checked my News Is Free account. I’m still there now, in fact, because NiF gives you the ability to forward stories you tag to any weblog that supports the Blogger API, and Epistula does now. That is, I can now use any client that posts to a Blogger API to write entries, which sure beats waiting for IE to crash while I’m in a post, and allows me to have spell-checking and everything…

It’s all been done with Simon’s IXR Library and it mostly works. Mostly because there is an oddness in the Blogger spec which means that the library, while sending perfectly XML-RPC standard replies, is breaking all the windows blogger clients I’ve found. So I’ve posted to the IXR forum, although I appear to be the second person ever to post to it, so replies may not be quick, unless he happens to read it here… 😀

Otherwise, I’m working on Nomical, ACDS, and Other Stuff, while waiting for the 21st, when I go back to work…

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