Dark Light

You are about as vanilla as it’s possible to be. Straight as a ruler, Mono as a gramaphone. You’re not supposed to understand, so stop doing so, you’re scaring me.

Okay, This is purely so I can give out a link to various people I know who need to read it, before they cause more pain to other people who I’d prefer not to be hurt. Clue: If you think this applies to you, you’re probably wrong. I’d have done this more personally 🙂 It’s also not badly written. It’s not a complete essay on the why or wherefore, every person is differant, taring with rollers is bad. But this is a minor essay by the author of Flem Comics on the subject of Polyamory. Various people who I /think/ read this /should/ read it.

And now, sleep. Night world.

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