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Seeming as I have now got a browser that supports the tag, I thought I’d make Epistula use them properly. People not using Mozilla 1.1, or any Mozilla prior to 0.9, won’t be able to see them, but soon the metadata will become clear. Oh yes.

So now, in addition to all the various sections of Aqcom being filed under “Sections”, the filters are now registered as “Subsections” (I’ve been looking for an elegant way do an interface to the filtering, this seems to be the nicest) and the secondary bar (About/Contact/Credits) becomes appendices. That’s not the clever bit.

The diary archives (Including the pre-blogger archives have been given relative links, so you can click “First” “Previous” “Next” and “Last” to navigate the archives. Navigation like this via Entry ID isn’t there yet, but from entry viewed by ID you can go “up” to the monthly archive that entry is in, and from there the Next, Previous and everything still work.

As I was doing this, I remembered a cool thing that Sarabian noted that Avocadia did in Mozilla, which was to put his bookmarks into the links too. So I’m now parsing by blogroll (reading the blo.gs list into an array along with all the others, and displaying it.

Basically, it all means that you can now navigate though most of the journal using the Document Bar in Mozilla. Next up, Referral Logs, then Document Bar for Nodes, then… oh yeah, the great comment system rewrite. Then one day it might all get released. Before then, you can browse the (beta, beware the dragons within) code at /src/. All the documents there are symlinks to the current in-use code.

Oh, and the ?date=yyyy-mm-dd access code now works. Yay.

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