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So I was looking at trackback, Movable Type‘s “Watch out, I’m talking about you” feature. And I thought… well, why? If someone is linking to me, they are likely to appear in my Referral logs. What is the point of my putting it in? Obviously, there is the Geek Cred feature of having an almost proprietary feature in my home brew weblogging software, but as far as I can tell, the extra effort I’d have to go though every post to a) find out if the blog I link to has trackback, and b) what it’s trackback URL is to do so isn’t worth my while, I might just as well store the referers and use them.

The obvious argument against this is the shear number of different referrals any blog might conceivably generate where Trackback will always be the same. For example, right now going to another site from here would generate the referrer “”, whereas it could equally go from…,,,, and that’s just from links on this page! None of which, except the first one, will be current in a few months time.

Plus, to support Trackback, I must put what amounts to part of an RSS feed in each post so that Movable Type’s Bookmarklet thing can magically know what to do. I don’t object to the idea as much as… well, there has to be a better way of doing this. Comments?

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RIAA defacement

The RIAA site was hacked, and replaced with a message of filesharing peace and harmony. Because isn’t hosting mirrors anymore, someone else had to do it.

The stories that state that the hackers installed a gnutella client onto the server with instructions to grab – and share – as much as it could have proven depressingly false

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The worst thing about being depressed is not realising quite how bad it is. I’ve spent the last month at various levels of depression, as some of you might have noticed, even though the Con I spent more time than I care to think about sitting somewhere out of the way and trying to summon up the enthusiasm to be witty and entertaining at people.

I’m vaguely proud of myself, it took seven months of job hunting before I finally broke. When did I break? About the beginning of the month, when I started to lie to people. When I started hitting next message on all the “New Jobs Today” e-mails I ordered and pretending I read them and didn’t find anything, when I convinced myself that there wasn’t going to be any way I could get out of this mess.

Now, however, I appear to be back. The request for interview gave my self esteem a boost into existence again, and out of the vicious circle, and the acceptance of the job sent me into orbit. *bounce*. End of August appears to be good for me, since Monday marked the first anniversary of me being with LoneCat. Yay.

So I owe people some thanks, To LoneCat, Liz, ccooke, and all the various people who attempted to keep me sane, to pol and Supermouse for that and nagging me to sign on, and again to pol for putting me forward for the job in the first place 🙂

The job is Graphic Design in PSP7, doing graphics for Net-based Palmtop games (Poker, Blackjack etc) with a little web-design (possibly). The job is for four weeks (8 hrs/day, 5 days/week) with heavy deadlines. The wages of sin appear to be very, very nice indeed. I start Tuesday.

In response to the people who have asked “What/Whose is Aquarionics anyway?” (Yes, I’ve been getting E-mails), I’ve written an “About” page. It’s linked above.

Finally, I stole some code from Aquarius for making external web links different, so now internal links should be blank, external ones blue, and external visited ones red. Now I just have to work out how to turn the number I have (, for example) until the format that Aq1 uses ( Of course, I could just ask him…

Oh, and also, watching a recent conversation flowing though my mailbox, I was thinking about a mailing list for weblog authors on the more… meta aspects of what we do. Thoughts?

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...I am pleased to inform you that we would like to offer you the 4 week
graphic design contract ...

Oh yes. Oh very yes. Oh *YAY*, and indeed, fucking…


I start tuesday

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Old About Page

About Aquarionics

Aquarionics was founded at the beginning of 2000 (We opened on January 1st) as my (see below) home page. There is a whole other document on it’s history, but basically, it’s my home page. It’s where I, Nicholas ‘Aquarion’ Avenell, put things up on the web. Ranging from things I write, things I once composed, to things I once coded and now code. It’s powered by Epistula, a reasonably powerful and obviously cool weblog engine/content management system. I know it’s cool, I made it.

Once I could say that I wrote everything on this site. That’s no longer true, since LoneCat’s Diary (also powered by Epistula) is here, but also now because people are adding stories to Forever, the continuous multibranching story system. Most of it, however, is still mine. There’s about 100mb of content around, so it may take you a while to read all of it…

Now you to can see how Aquarionics looked at the end of January 1999, Febuary 2000, and May 2000

Photo of Aquarion

About Aquarion

Aquarion is a Graphic Designer & Web Developer contractor living in Cambridge, England. He has far too many projects, including an impossible database, an even more impossible content management system, and a frankly scary PIM. He enjoys writing (both stories and code), designing websites, watching movies, reading books, hanging around with friends and scaring people.
All claims that he is not a geek are truely heartfelt and generally sent though his personally-coded high-featured, CSS, HTML4, P3P, RSS, XML-RPC and WAI-AA supporting website at

Geekwise, he runs Debian on his server, Slackware & Windows 2000 on his main box, and PalmOS on his PDA, He has a habit of talking in the third person.

He is currently 21, slightly overweight, attached, and worried that Aquarionics appears to be gathering groupies. There is a whole slew of questions you might want answering about him here.

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I have an interview. It’s at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. If I get it, it starts Monday. It’s graphic design. It’s good.


For better reports of the last couple of weeks, see Lonecat’s Reports

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More stuff in Epistula as of today. First, the weblog access system now generates proper titles for the pages of archives (Previously every page got the title “[Aquarionics] Journal – Front Page”, which wasn’t true, and made every sitemap look silly. Also, I’ve edited robots.txt to stop search engines from indexing the “add comment” page, I hope, and cleared up the code slightly. Next up will be to transfer the page generation to Smarty and then release 0.1 of Epistula will be tarballed and released…

Oh, after I fix the commenting system. Bugger.

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Lonecat has gone home, so you have slightly more chance of updates now. A busy couple of weeks, what with the Con, the Wedding, going to London to a Neil Gaiman signing and stuff, and it really deserves a longer update. Ho hum. Tomorrow I sign on to the Job Seekers Allowance, something I really should have done months ago. Fun

in the meantime, go see, and tell me what results *you* got. I managed 5

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…and back

Gosh, Stuff. So Peter and Julie got married yesterday, and we went to the wedding, which was nice. We were nearly late, which was not so nice, and there will now be pictures of me in a suit online somewhere


There is a list of con photos at, to which people can add their own. Isn’t that nice?

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Ye gods.

The con? Hah. Left on Friday (…Up at six in order to be up to receive parcel containing T-Shirts, planing to be out by eight thirty so I could go shopping for stuff I needed, Failed, went out at ten to miss a train that left at eleven, ended up getting a lift to the con with Rand, Ruthi and CC, the people I’d left at the house an hour before…)

Frightening people with a Hat – capital letters deserved – that CC picked up for the visual equivalent of a one line joke (Me dressed in white with black hat, CC reversed) before discovering that hat quite suited me and my current monochrome/splash dress code (You don’t think clothing this consistent happens by accident, do you?) so I now have a hat. Go Me.

Helped the con by guarding rooms, presenting panels, and guiding guests to rooms. Failed to attend any event I wasn’t involved in between the opening and closing ceremonies, had an awful lot of fun, scared people with jokes, failed to converse at length with any guests, spent far too much time singing on Sunday night, and met a whole load of people I haven’t seen for ages, and new faces too. Even Dastardly David Chapman, who wasn’t too bad in the flesh – but is now making up for it with interest on the group. *And* I got to introduce him to two of his arch enemies on AFP, which was fun.

My excuse for lack of updates over the last couple of weeks is twofold. First, I spent much of it in Kent – away from my computer – and second, Reef (Geekhouse’s master server and router) developed an intense hatred of the heat, culminating in the power supply dying over the weekend. Today I spent thirty pounds on a new power supply. *sigh*.

Came back to five hundred e-mail messages, one of which caused my mail collector to segfault, so I had to view them on the server…

Oh, and I’ve left AFP. Again. Not for good, but certainly until I have something else that I’m working on and getting feedback for. I’m bored of writing posts that everyone reads, but nobody replies to. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a stony silence. This is a Usenet Problem, and people saying at the con “Oh, I read all your posts” is nice, but too late. I’ve done it, I’ve spent ages on it, and I’ve watched it sink into the mud. I used to judge my posting ability by how often I got put onto I stopped because most of it isn’t funny, which is lucky, because I haven’t been quoted since.

Until I’m doing something that I’m getting feedback for, I’m going to be relying on everything *else* to validate my existence. If I lean on AFP for feedback, I’ll drown in apathy, so once again I leave while I don’t hate everyone on it.

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