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101 things you they never tell you

Today has been educational.

Yesterday evening, between four and five, Me and Cookie entered our new house in Cambridge.


Since then, education has happened, and I have learnt things.

For example:

  • Never argue with a washing machine. You will get wet toes.
  • Bedding for double beds is horribly expensive.
  • The bed in my room is not, in fact, a double, but a queen-size. Damn.
  • If at first you don’t suceed, Read The Manual.
  • If at second you don’t suceed, Read *ALL* the Manuals.
  • Sausages take longer to cook than bacon (Yes, I knew this already, I just forgot about them this morning)
  • Cambridge is nice.
  • Having your own place is nice.
  • It is more sensible for the person who is going to be at home all day to have the key to the back door.
  • If at third you don’t suceed, light the pilot light.
  • Cream cheese and chives on crumpet is nice.
  • The new house is /beyond/ nice. It has niceness, it has greatness, and it has houseosity. Like.

Plus, LoneCat comes here tomorrow, which is even better 😀

The only thing it doesn’t have is a phoneline, so, from a cybercafe somewhere in Cambridge, TTFN 🙂