Dark Light

So I was given a copy of Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, and all those other things I should not, as a Real Coder, ever use. But I use PHP, I am competant in Visual Basic, and this is being written in Windows. Obviously I’m not a Real Geek.

So today, I have mostly been learning Flash. And in doing so have created a monster. Well, this, anyway. No, it isn’t finished. Yet. It’s broken in a couple of ways, but I’m working on it, promise…

Yup, the eggs are gone. The site went down, and it was only slowing the site down anyway. This month’s appeal is a whole new one. Go visit it… (Editors note, the site seems to be down, so the icon is gone for the moment. It will return)

In other things, I’m still searching for jobs, and no hope for that as yet. Looking forward to next weekend, when I get to see Lonecat again. Fun

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