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A Chat Log. From #AFDA

(15th Dec 1999)
(about 10 to 9)
[Non-relivant bits cut)


Aquarion: Hello
ZZ9: what’s up, Aquarion
Aquarion: Sky, Clouds
Aquarion: Does it matter? And even if it matters, does it matter if it
Aquarion: Does Matter matter? And even if Matter matters, does it
matter if Matter matters, or if Matter matters not?
Bbz: It doesn’t. That’s the easiest way of thinking about it. Or
rather of not thinking about it.
Aquarion: Everything matters
Aquarion: to someone
Bbz: Nothing Else Matters.
Aquarion: Apart From What?
Noser: Matter or matter not, matter is no matter. A matter a matter
keeps the matter away.
Noser: A matter in the matter is worth matter in the matter.
* Bbz is baffled.
* Noser likes this game.
Aquarion: And even if Matter matters, Who does Matter matter to? are
do the increase from the point where there was one item that mattered,
to two too many mattering items of Matter?
Noser: My matter’s breath smells like cat food.
Aquarion: Does matter Matter to Matter itself? Is there some kind of
Meta-Matter that matters to Matter?
Noser: Meta-matter is like a box of matter.
Noser: Matter doesn’t actually matt, does it though.
Aquarion: Does Matter care? Does Matter feel pain? Does it matter if
Meta-Matter matters only to matt?
Aquarion: And is Matt Matter? Does it matter if Matt is Matter? Is
Matt Meta-Matter?
Noser: Who’s Matt? No matter, it doesn’t matter.
Noser: Take it away Bbz!
Bbz: Come on! You know I can’t be this silly.
Noser: What matter?
Aquarion: Is matt mad? and is Matt madder than meta-Matter. Does it
matter if Matt is madder than Matter? Is Meta-Matter madness?
Bbz: It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not going to try. Not that it
matters anyways.
Aquarion: But does it matter?
Marvin: Even if it does matter, does it matter that it matters?
Aquarion: blast. I was going to say that. But does it matter who said
Bbz: What’s this Meta-Matter madness? Does it matter that it’s
madness? Or Meta-madness?
Noser: My aunt Matt collects anti-matter?
Aquarion: Is there a Meta-Madness that manafests itself in Matter?
Does it matter? Has Matt fallen prey to this Meta-Madness?
Bbz: But do you have an anti-aunt anti-Matt who collects matter?
Noser: No, she collects ants.
Aquarion: Or is it an Anti-aunt who collects Mad Meta-Matter?
Noser: It’s a matterhouse! A MATTERHOUSE!!!
Aquarion: But does it matter that this is a matterhouse?
Aquarion: and even if it matters, does it matter that it matters?
Bbz: Meta-aunt-Matt-Maddness-matter.
*** Joins: Rasher (jfh@t3o106p110.telia.com )
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Rasher
Bbz: High!
Aquarion: Anti-aunt-Matt-Maddness-matter.
Noser: Hey Rasher, join in the matter-rich matter madness!
Rasher: Which is?
Noser: Doesn’t matter.

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