Dark Light

A report, and diary entry, by Nicholas ‘Aquarion’ Avenell.
Moron, of the order of St. Astrid.

Well, That sucked.
Went to Bath.
This sums up, in three words, four hours of travel, decided completely
on a whim at 11 O’clock in the morning. I decided that since it wasn’t
every day that RR was in the country, I should be there.
Life began to suck as soon as I got to the station just in time to see
my train leave. Caught the next one – 15 minutes later – to London,
Charing Cross -> Waterloo -> Bath Spa.
Where I arrived exactly 15 minutes late.
So the people I was looking for had left. Yay. Rah. And other
expressions of sarcastic joy. Together with someone else in the same
situation, we wandered around Bath until, quite by accident, we ran
into someone who had just walked out of the pub where the Meet was
I should have known this wouldn’t last.
It was suggested that finding a cheap (

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