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Netscape four sucks.

I’m sorry, but it really does. The inability to support things I can forgive, but Netscape 4’s support of CSS is nothing short of a joke. A little history for you:

When Netscape 4 was about to be released, there were two possible standards for Stylesheets, JSS (Javascript Stylesheets) and CSS (Cascading Stylesheets), and, at the last minute, they realised that CSS was going to prevail. So the only solution was to code a CSS<–>JSS converter, and run all CSS through that. This is why, if you turn of Javascript in Netscape 4, you turn off CSS too.

This means that Netscape’s CSS is only half there, which means if you try to code to the CSS standard, your page *will* *not* *render* in Netscape V4. So in order to be able to use the full range that the medium makes avalable, Aquarionics has been deliberatly coded so that Netscape 4 will render the pages the name as Netscape v3 and all the browsers that don’t support CSS2 at all.

You arn’t missing any content, the only thing that goes are graphical nicities (And Aquarionics isn’t a very graphics-heavy site anyway). For more on this theme, and for more reasons why, go to this page on web standards

In conclusion, go get Netscape 6, Mozilla, Konquerer, or even IE5/6 if you want to see sites as they are supposed to be.

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