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All Goon

Comedian Spike Milligan dies

On the Ning Nang Nong
On the Ning Nang Nong
Where the Cows go Bong!
and the monkeys all say BOO!
There’s a Nong Nang Ning
Where the trees go Ping!
And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
On the Nong Ning Nang
All the mice go Clang
And you just can’t catch ’em when they do!
So its Ning Nang Nong
Cows go Bong!
Nong Nang Ning
Trees go ping
Nong Ning Nang
The mice go Clang
What a noisy place to belong
is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!
(as sung by Spike, on MP3)


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Personality Test

Aquarion, you’re a Rock Star!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types

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Bytes & Peace

Okay, so I went to Notts for the weekend, which was fun. Kudos to Pol for lifts, Supermouse & Huw for organisation beyond the call of duty, and TFLA for saving the day.

We saw Murlin Rouge, which was *Megacool* though not quite as cool as Monsters Inc. Films Good.

Other Things

Yes, Sarabian, The last entry didn’t validate. It does now.

And, on a slightly more “Parish Announcements” note, those of you who also follow my illustrious girlfriend’s diary should be aware that partly due to the fuckwittery of crackers, and partly for other reasons, LoneCat is unable to get into her account to update her site until she can get her password reset. She apologises for this delay, and is quite irritated about it.

I won’t mention how small a problem this would be if she used Klide for her diary, because that would be nasty

(I should mention, to be fair, that the only reason LC’s site isn’t using a similar system is that MySQL on her host isn’t working. But it’s my diary, and I’ll be unfair if I want to…)

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Random Number Deity

First, I remembered the reason I stopped using the Easyspace Free account that the Mods I mentioned yesterday are hosted on. Although it’s a 50mb account with “unlimited” bandwidth (ie, “if you make a dent in our bandwidth, say buh-bye to your site”) The future server has a nasty habit of stripping random files to 0 bytes at upload, hence the broken links. Which is why I moved to Netmanor instead, but that didn’t support SSI, so I went to BTInternet’s space, but then I moved ISP, so I went to Pennyhost, then they sucked, so I went to Beehost. Now better offers are heading my way, so stuff might happen…

The upshot of this is that the link I posted two days ago (to” will now actually work, and all sorts of musical goodness will be yours…

In other news, I’ve updated the “What $FOO are you?” tests page with Izzard, Maths, Mythological Creature, Anime, Evil, D&D, Tarot and Labyrinth tests. I take too many of these things. The test page is at

Finally, and by no means leastly, I’m off to the Nottingham Meet for the weekend thanks to the wonderfulness of Pol, who is giving me a lift; Huw & Supermouse, who are providing crashspace for differant nights; Supermouse Again, for hosting the meet; and Lonecat, for just being there.

Yeah, I know, Vom 😛

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Tune in

Once upon a time I was a music student. And now I am not.

Once upon a time, I used Octamed on the Amiga to produce music

And now I do not

But some people do, and for the people who do, they have produced Octamed for the PC. And also a 40 day demo of it, which supports – along with other things – the ability to save as a Wave file, which I’ve turned into MP3 files. So now I can listen to all the crappy composing I did for GCSEs and Fun.

And, because I feel guilty about the lack of new content recently, so can you. They are here

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Searching… found nothing

Do you know what’s depressing?

Trying to find a job, for starters.

I have, you see, entered the job-market at possibly the worst possible moment for me to do so. Not least because most of my qualifications are either being phased out or are widely regarded as worth little more than the paper they are printed on. Also because the two things I *am* qualified to do – Content-driven dynamic site design & assistance of systems administration – are something of a luxury in an industry that is currently finding large amounts of difficulty staying afloat. I know HTML, CSS, RSS, WAI, and a whole load of inexplicable acronyms better than 98% of all the “web designers” out there, and yet cannot find a job simply because there aren’t any out there.

The only thing worse than being told there aren’t any jobs out there is being told there *are*, in fact, many jobs out there for entrance people, on the basis you don’t have to pay so much for them. The market is so stuffed with ex dot-comers who have experience and other things that cost money to hire that businesses are trying extremely hard to find cheap people they can train as they need to.

This is depressing, because it means that instead of not being hired because there aren’t any jobs, my CV is being looked at and then discarded. I’m not actually able to win here, and I have a feeling that if I carry on doing this for very much longer, it’s all going to seem like a total waste of time, and I’m going to go depressed again, which is unlikely to help my job prospects any. Also it will mean that there will be no *way* I’ll get project Geekhouse together in time for Lonecat not having to go home for Easter.

A prospect that, to be realistic for a moment, isn’t terribly likely to happen now, since in order for it to happen by the end of March I have to have been working for long enough to get at least one paycheck, which means starting within the next 11 days, when I’m not even having phone calls returned.

See? Fun. Progress reports will be continually posted to the Geekhouse subsite.

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Message-ID: <Pine.BSF.4.31.0202190234190.8154-100000@localhost>
From: peg boucher murphy (pbm at
Subject: crystalle carrie cota announcement
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 02:38:02 -0800

carrie cota, my dear friend and a member of this
community, passed away this past weekend while
waiting for a liver (transplant). she has been
ill for some time, but this was still a terrible
shock to us all.

carrie considered you all, this group, to be
a community that she was a part of, a community
that she valued and where she felt valued. i
promised her i would let y’all know.

her friends and family here (san francisco, usa)
are trying make all the necessary arrangements
while dealing with our grief and shock. none of
us are regular readers of this newsgroup, so
if you wish to obtain info, please email me

thank you.

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My Gallery

By by Nancy Moran and Barb Trammell
Download this song

There’s a girl in the window, her heart’s on the mend
Everyone loves her but she’s no one’s best friend
Years of two lives gone awry, why pretend
That this screenplay has no intermission

I look towards the window, the view becomes clearer
I notice my face is the one in the mirror
And I cling to a prophesy I now hold dear
There’s a place for our own self-attrition

But reflections don’t always reflect what is real
What is seen doesn’t always reflect what you feel
If the last piece of the puzzle will not solve the deal
Then I think I’ll forego that decision

Acquaintances come and leave ink marks on canvas
Lovers long brushstrokes paint portraits of time
Silhouettes, sculptures our families hand us
Come see my gallery, the art of my mind

Yesterday’s laughter becomes today’s smile
Happily, if after, we wonder a while
Well, it’s kept with the tears in a secret file
Just a part of my inner museum

And those tapestries woven were sacred to me
For so long were locked up that I’d thrown out the key
And then somebody somewhere found out history
Would not change if I let someone see them

Acquaintances come and leave ink marks on canvas
Lovers long brushstrokes paint portraits of time
Silhouettes, sculptures our families hand us
Come see my gallery, the art of my mind

I sketched out my life, though surreal, how I labored
Only black and white stick figures covered the page
When the rains came and smeared
All the colors I favored
It’s the gallery’s lesson, my coming of age

Acquaintances come and leave ink marks on canvas
Lovers long brushstrokes paint portraits of time
Silhouettes, sculptures our families hand us
Come see my gallery
Come see my gallery
Come see my gallery

Acquaintances come and leave ink marks on canvas
Lovers long brushstrokes paint portraits of time
Silhouettes, sculptures our families hand us
Come see my gallery, it’s one of a kind
No piece is for sale, it’s priceless
It’s mine

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It would be fair to say that I am not an expert on Love.

I’m in love, but that doesn’t make me an expert in it any more than being insured on someone else’s car makes me president of Ford. I am a user, a victim, of the evil four letter word, but not someone qualified to say things like this:

There are always people to take things to flippantly. In the same way there are people who take things too seriously. Love is an awfully strong word to bandy about randomly, but there aren’t enough words between “friend” and “Love” to describe them. Of course, there is the thing of being both. You can be friends but not in love with each other, you can also (although most cases I’ve seen – and/or been in – this don’t actually work) be in love with someone before you are friends with them. Worst of all, maybe, are the star-crossed lovers. The ones the that love is unreciprocated. Love is a strange, wonderful, and terrible thing.

LoneCat was my friend for a while before she was my Significant Other, and I belive strongly that the most important part of the relationship is the friendship underneath it. This is a lecture, and I’m sorry for it, but the point of it is this: If (and fate forbid this could happen) *If* I could see me and Lonecat drifting *out* of love, I would far rather keep her friendship than drag out a relationship that could see us hating each other for ever.

Recently, some people have been worrying about my judgement over this day, and whether I will misjudge my wonderful SO enough to actually make a big deal out of it. I usually find Valentine’s day depressing enough to spend it locked away in my flat/room writing bad poetry. This year is different, but not quite so different as to make me ignore the fact that my SO hates the date almost as much as I do. Thus no spectacular redesigns with hearts and cupids, nor epic pieces of poetry. Not so much as a new story, even. (The one I’m working on is about entrapment. Not a valentines thing, traditionally). Just another diary entry, on another day, and me counting down to the weekend, when I get to see my Girlfriend again.

Have a pleasant day, flocks

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The great linkback idea

Everybody who writes weblogs/journals also reads them.
Almost. So as an experiment to see how far this goes
I’m trying to get everyone who reads this, and also writes a
journal to link back to the first place they saw it.

In this case, (Nowhere, because it’s starting here)

Do this by either taking the code from this site (View source,
copy, paste, post) or grabbing it from
and editing it. Lets see how far this can spread.