Dark Light

Two days until the play, and Nick goes into panic. I don’t know my lines, but I’m close enough to them to be able to get the right lines in the wrong places. Which screws up not only yourself, but the other castmembers, the lighting bods, and everyone else as well. There is always a week link in any play, One person who isn’t giving enough. This time it’s me. And I’ve known this since Christmas. For three months, I didn’t want to be in this play at all. Now may be too late to fix that time.

In the meantime, panic reigns accross the British Isles. The trains are screwed, the sheep are ill and contagious, and the price of meat is going up. Now is a good time to be somewhere else.

And the rest?
I’d say something, but I have to be in Uni tomorrow. Or pain will befall

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