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I’m still still here. I catch a train in a few hours that will fix that, so this is the last update from home before I do the jetset thing to Sunny Sunderland.

Okay, I’ve put in the new Javascript (it’s the thing that is making random pithy comments appear beneath our (New! Improved! Better Than Ever Before!) logo, and I’ve updated the weblogs, and I’m trying to fix the webcam, and, and, and…

Okay, most of this crap should go in the little Updates box to the right, but something has happened. I posted, for the first time in a while, to Alt Fan Douglas-Adams. The first reply I got read thus:

(From sid-at-siddhartha.8m.com)
I remember you. you were in rhod for a brief while about an year back,
right? The guy/girl with the cool website?

Not only did someone recognise me, but they liked the site.

If I said I live for days like these, would I be incompareably sad?

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