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Okay, having reached the point of lack of emotion-drain when I’m about to say stupid things simply because I don’t realise they will hurt me. Or others. I decided to go for a bit of Recovery.

This involved, in order:

Not Cooking Pancakes

Because I can also be contrary 🙂

Watching the film of Inspector Gadget

Which (contary to populer opinion, it seems) is *not* *bad*. Yes, Penny is Cute beyond Cute. Yes, Claw’s face should never have been seen. Ever. and Yes, the ending has a major problem (Which I won’t divulge, because it’s a spoiler. Actually, yes I will. Click here if interested :-). This item, and the next item, are considerably more complex than you may think, since in order to do this I had to join Blockbuster. At 14:30 I catch the campus bus which stops both outside my door and, 15 minutes later, outside Blockbuster. At 14:15 I enter Blockbuster, and ask what I need to join. “Something with your address” she said, “And something with your signiture”. Kay. I had my student ID, and I had my phone bill for this eventuallity. Except I didn’t have my phone bill, I had a final red reminder for it, because that’s all I could find..

Except I didn’t because it was sitting on my chest of drawers in my flat. So I walked home, which took half an hour. So at 15:30 I caught the *same* bus, same driver, to the same place, and got the membership and videos. *sigh*

Watched Hercules

Yes, both animated Disney animations. So I’m a sucker for fantasy, tell me tomething new 🙂

Actually I like Hercules, simply because of the fact that Disney made *every* animation look “Greek” with Curliques, and spirals in everything. Which I find cool 🙂

I still don’t like that Disney “Classic” DVD’s refuse to include special features. (Although Tarzan had specials)


Because it’s fun.

And that was almost my entire day 🙂

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The train I go home on.


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Not so much an illness, more a lack of mind

Delirium is, in case I’ve neglected to mention it, my computer.

Today I:

Watched ED-tv

Not once, but twice. Once with Directors Commentary.

Updated the Music List

Estimated playlist length: 76 hours 57 minutes 4 seconds. That’s over three days! In only Two Gigabytes of my harddrive. *shudder*


…the Wallpaper, Updates, Mostly, Guestbook links, and made minor cosmetic changes to the HTML (See the bits either side of this text)

Failed to

… go to university. Or outside in any way, shape or form. Scary.
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Masquerade & Maskerade

First, the inspiration for the bit about Masques below was from lonecat, (Go visit lonecat/Caireann :-). The article will be expanded, because masques are dangerous. And, because masques are dangerous, I’m not going to drag that bit of laundry out for public consumption just yet 🙂

Secondly things have happened on the afpmovie, due to starting to run before the gun was shot, and over enthusiasm. This isn’t good 🙁

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Did Nothing

A totally blank day. Did nothing.

Not true, I reinstalled Windows, I created a whole new webpage (Not content, design.
Project Cevearn has been suspended for a bit while I sort out logistics, and while I get into the new project. The new project is called Terra Incognita (Sneak preview of the page. If you can’t see anything, then the new Domain hasn’t kicked in yet. Give it a few hours. Don’t click, mail, or do *anything* do that. Don’t even tell me I spelt “Briefly” wrong. I don’t need to know).

I played Diablo II, to the extent that I am now one quest away from Act II (Yay, for me. I am determined to make this last :), and I got informed that Black & White has gone gold. This is why Terra is on a “Redirect with banner” scheme. I’m saving up.

In other, not as good, news, People who I care what happens to are entering faeces-filled rivers, and events are conspiring to take their paddles away. Both of them deserve better than the rocks life is throwing at them, and I hope that they both realise that, were I to win the lottery tomorrow, My first act would be to buy them a flat in Oxford.

That, however, might necessitate me buying a littery ticket. (Yes, that was diliberate).

And now, to the strains of “Coconut” from the Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack. (I have seen neither Reservoir Dogs nor Pulp Fiction, yet I have the soundtracks for both. I own no other film soundtracks. Very strange)

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More Stories

To the people who told mentioned I had never written a story that ends Happily Ever After, I bring you The New Story.

Oh yes, and Chris is still around too 🙂

I’ll put them onto the Creative page soon.

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“Everybody wears a mask” – lonecat

“It’s just another facade” – N

[18:33:35] (N) you’re going dichotomous again
[18:34:10] (Aquarion) I never left.

I started this entry, entitled, after the first quote.

Within minutes I had an entry composed about the differance between Nick, Nicholas and Aquarion. In particuler, why I *really* hate(d) being refered to as “Nick”

Bombshells dropped. And so I change.

Everyone lives behind Masques. I assume one day, I may meet someone to whom I put up no masque at all, someone who I can really tell what I think and my dreams. Hah.

I have many masques. On the factfile are some of the myriad of names I’ve been known as online. Aquarion isn’t me. Nick isn’t me. Macavity and Jascain arn’t me. Simon Merlin is almost me, to start with. The closest to me most people will ever get is the words on this webpage. And that’s a good reason why it’s here, I think.

That’s turned out like an echo of the entry that sparked it off. Oh well.

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This story is neither autobiographical, Biographical, Allago^WAllego^WFilled with meaning, nor an indicator of my mental health.

for once.

It’s called Chris and it was written without benift of rewrites or grammer

Oh, and in case you require something to laugh at, try Cat Got Your Tounge which someone mailed me

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Spinnin' on a Relaxel

No Deadlines.

No meets, no deadlines, no angst, no depression, no panic.

No bills, no final demands.

no flamewars.

Everything is calm. Relaxing. Still.

Outside my window is silence, even the normal bustle and noise of the city has left me for the time being. I have left the world, and the world has left me. I make a cup of tea with the aid of a computer program (Which reminds me when the tea is ready, and stops the normal problem) and I am floating on a sea of silence. I have a book. I have me.

Tomorrow I have to help interview a client. I have to learn the lines for a play, I have to fix my win98 disk, I will have to go shopping for milk, and I may have to do laundry. But that is the future, and if there is one thing insanity taught me, it is to savour the times you don’t have to do anything at all.

And, just for right now, I don’t.

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My MP3 player cannot connect to the computer, thus I am stuck…

  1. My MP3 player cannot connect to the computer, thus I am stuck to the tunes I put in there three months ago.
  2. “Turn the ECP Paralell Port to an EPP” says the Tech Support guy (Who wrote the software, and is therefore Good). So I do.
  3. Windows autodetects my new motherboard and all componants.


    I don’t *have* a new motherboard. This is not going to be good.

  4. Windows refuses to start up unless it’s just come from Safe Mode.
  5. Windows refuses to start up. At All. Except in Safe Mode.


  6. Use Safe Mode to backup all user files on C: to D:
  7. Reboot to Messydos.
  8. c:windows>cd D:
    d:>format C:
    All data on non-removable drive C: will be lost! Are you sure you want to do this (You moron)? (Y/y)
    d:>cd win98
  9. Windows setup runs. Feed it install stuff, then I go out to buy a lavalamp
  10. I come back to find: Windows cannot read the system files from the CD, please clean it with a damp cloth.” All very well, except it’s installing from the FUCKING HARD DRIVE.
  11. Swear
  12. Repeat above until bored
  13. Reboot.
  14. Insert Win98 Boot Disk (*always* have a boot disk)
  15. “Invalid System Disk. Please replace and try again”


  16. Reboot to Linux
  17. Wonder who I can get a boot disk from
  18. Make phone calls.
  19. Stick in Linux until tomorrow. Bugger.