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I've always said there's nothing more interesting than…

“I’ve always said there’s nothing more interesting than people’s dreams” –
Alice, Dilbert TV.

I was sitting in a garden by a church revising, when someone asked my if they
could revise too. I picked up my sketch-pad, assuming I was studying Graphics,
when I realised I didn’t do graphics, and couldn’t draw, so I wandered off in
search of something else.

I found a person who looked suspisiously like Gav from Nukees and we talked about books, and I
introduced him to the Illuminus Trilogy. In return he showed me the
South-African page of an atlas, and told me that at the southen most tip was a
wooden sign called “The End”. Next thing I was looking at a mist-shouded
version of South Africa with moterways running down it, So I could clearly see
that the motorways going north were marked “The Start” and the ones pointing
south were marked “The End” Then I noticed that there was a tiny road just
south of the end of the motorway, so it *wasn’t* The End.

So I was sitting on a coastline with lots of people I knew but now can’t
remember, while Gav painted out the tiny road while we all sang something,
followed by “Santa Claus is coming to town”. For South Africa it was a nasty
murky-grey sky, like a British winter morning. Then, on the horizon, beyond the
docks, a chase was in progress, which circled the bay until I could see it was
a Police Car being pursued. I don’t know what it was being pursused by, because
I didn’t notice. What with it coming stright at us. And everything.

I stood up and tried to get away, but tripped, saw the car coming towards me,
and closed my eyes. I could hear the car roar above me, then a moderate presure
on my neak. I remember thinging it must have just missed me. I opened my

I was in a hospital, on the floor. There was still this presure on my neck. I
realised what had happened, It hadn’t just missed me. I heard a voice:
“If it hurts, hit it” said my (now) ex-flatmate Michelle
“Don’t tell him that, he’s dying” said a voice I didn’t recognise.
I closed my eyes and woke up.

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Now posting from the comfort of Linux (I really should update…

Now posting from the comfort of Linux (I really should update the Linux page) in which I can now revieve (if not send) mail. I also have fixed all the broken links and started the transfer of all the old Top5 stuff to the new Reviews format. Fun

That is my life at the moment, while I find a job I sit here playing and learning in equal measure. I now know more about SMTP & POP & PPP than I ever wanted to.

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Good evening :-)

Good evening 🙂
So much for the “Every Day in May” thing. My computer was unstable yesterday. I had a wonderful rant on the pointlessness of existance before my computer proved it by crashing 🙂
New webrings to the left, New section for blogs I like also to the left, and a couple of cool new things on the right!