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Right, more stuff.
I have created an IRC chat channel for Webloggers and Readers. The settings are as follows:

Server:		Irc.Esper.net
Channel:	Bloggers

This is how it works, In mIRC or any IRC program, set up nicknames and everything, connect to the internet, and then type:

/server irc.esper.net

Then wait for it to finish connecting.
If you get a message saying:

This nickname is protected by Nickserv, type /msg nickserv identify Password to continue

Then you have chosen a nickname that is registered. Type /nick (your-new-nickname) to change it.

Finally type

/join #Bloggers

If I’m online (most evenings GMT and some weekdays) look for Aquarion.

If you can’t be bothered with all that click the link below for a Java Applet that connects you to the Blogger channel (It may say “Tell your webmaster to register this” and I will, soon. Promise 🙂

Blogger Chat Thing

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