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So, Once more I’ve returned to the fictional town of Paddock Wood. I was born within five miles of here, I lived here for twenty years – give or take, what with large amounts of time in Sunderland and the last year in Cambridge, and I’m damned if I’m going to die here.

Why is it fictional? Because it never changes. In the year since I went to Cambridge, the gravel in the back garden has grown two feet into the lawn, and the signs on the Natwest in town have been painted red. And it’s always been thus. In the years I spend away, nothing changes. If I come back for a week, they’ll redo the entire town-centre.

With any luck I’ll be in Reading within the fortnight too.

Simon’s site search thing inspired me to do almost exactly the same thing with Aqcom/Epistula, the search link above (Replacing the FAQ link which wasn’t useful) works using the MySQL FullText stuff, and is whole phrase only until I can find a decent excuse for trying for MySQL 4. The related discussion on Simon’s site that wandered into the realms of Vector Placement Searching is also interesting, and something that I’m considering for [E]3, The Great Rewrite, which will work with Epistula itself being a daemon that sits and serves XML files to a waiting front-end client. This will make it easy to do the heavy data-processing stuff that perl does so much better than PHP, leaving me able to write an interface in PHP (Which I feel works better for the web-facing stuff). The daemon will probably end up being in perl, but I could see Python or C being options for it.

Of course, if I did it in Python I’d have to learn Python, and also provide the ability to import Vellum plugins to it.

What else is around? Oh, yes. The new Six Apart venture of TypePad, a hosted Moveable Type platform (which was mentioned in The Guardian) at around the same time as Dean announces the Textpattern platform, TextBox (Which was not mentioned in the Guardian). May the best system win, and soon Stuart will be announcing Hardback, the new Vellum hosted platform; and Aquarionic Industries will announce Epistulation, the new Epistula Powered hosting platform, sponsered by Snackispores, which will also not be mentioned in the Guardian.

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I write stories.

Just not here.

Well, I do. I wrote on the Christmas Cake Saga, The Station Saga, the Phone Saga and my favourite of the lot, Christmas Fracture, which appears to have been mislayed in the epistulization of Aquarionics.

I try not to misrepresent myself, though I should. This past week I’ve deleted more entries than I’ve posted, mostly because I find myself whining (Still homeless, still jobless, still not king yet), meaning that not only am I not exactly at my creative best (I’ve plotted my two main threads of story now, at least vaguely. Can I bring myself to write them though? Like hell) and slightly too busy feeling sorry for myself to get involved in anything else. (Anyone, anyone even thinking of mentioning how little I have to moan about while people are being killed in Iraq will get the full, eight A4 close typed rant about exactly what has brought me to this condition. Also on why there is not – and nor should there be – any relationship between how we should feel and how the government is governing our country. I’m quite entitled to be depressed simply because my goldfish has died, no matter how many points the stock market rose yesterday. I’m digressing. You really should stop me digressing like this, It’s bad for the flow of essay writing. Not that I can write essays, you understand. No matter how much I know about a subject, the essay I write will be crap, simply because people who mark essays all hate me. It’s a conspiracy of evil directed against me. I’ve seen the manuals they’re given! They have samples of my handwriting in case I forge my name! They have guides for how to mark me down for using the word “Didn’t” even if Plato couldn’t have argued with my reasoning! It’s all a ploy to keep me down! I will avenge! I WILL AVENGE!!!!!)


Do you see my point? You should. My point of writing this weblog is to provoke discussion, to entertain, and to keep the people who I should email more informed of my location and situation. It’s all, in other words, an excuse so I don’t have to phone my parents that often. I don’t misrepresent myself, but I will leave out non-relevant information that will either cause me problems or detract from the entertainment value of the post. If I do misrepresent myself, it’s in such a way as to exagerate to the point that it’s fairly obvious what I’m doing. For example, the poorly thought out conspiracy theory above. As far as I am aware, the essay markers of the world are not conspiring against me.

Oh no, they still haven’t beaten the bionic monkies yet.

The idea that a weblog is more than a weblog (It’s a toy! It can pick locks!) and is a carefully considered lie is one that disturbs me, mostly because I tend to believe in the people I read on weblogs. Not what they say (Which is fortunate, else Epistula would have been written in, in order, Java, Perl, Python, C++, Java again, Python once more, and finally Client side Javascript with XLT Transforms) (Mmmmm. Ikky), but in the people who write them. I’m not going to say what I believe of them, for fear of a) embarrisment, and b) libel. But I do.

I read a few fictional diaries, mostly because I know they are fiction. I enjoy meta-fiction (The Dice Man, K-PAX, Stuff that is fiction but is written in first person by the author’s version in that universe) purely because of my multiversal tendancies, and one day I hope to do a fictional diary.

But when I do, I’ll tell you so.

Right now, I’ll concentrate on finding a house, and a job, and a life. Then I’ll see what fiction can offer me.

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Various things have happened to me, and to Epistula, while I’ve been away. Also to the blogroll. So once more, it’s time for:

While You Were Out

  • Epistula got Textiled so I can write all my entries in english and the computer does the hard part. Yay.
  • Aqcom got a new Projects section. It’s currently a flat HTML thing mainly as a list (As much for my benifit as yours) as to what I’m working on. Eventually it’ll become fully Epistulated.
  • I got a new project, or more accuratly a reactivation of an older idea. It’s a full Geek Thing review system, which I’m building as generic as I can, and exploring all the things I learnt while doing Epistula. Plus the kind of detailed cookie-based login system I haven’t done since StoryVille (Ex fiction project. Died of code-deletion). Interesting thing about it right now is that users select a licence for user-submitted reviews & comments to be released under. This allows – for example – someone to licence all their reviews under a CC(Creative Commons) thing. The two things I would like to happen to this idea would be for reviews to be editable based on licence (So if someone releases a GDL review, someone else can edit it), but that could get too complicated, and also lead to the possibility of someone going though and replacing all GPL‘d reviews with a string of spaces. So, Freedom of Information verses Fuckwittery Of Idiots. Round one, ding ding.
  • Funcom have announced a sequel to the game I was raving about last month: The Longest Journey
  • I applied for jobs. I got phone calls from recruiters, I still haven’t had a single interview. I wait patiently.
  • And then there is the World of Ends stuff. My response is somewhat like Stavros wrote, only less amusing. The internet is* complicated. Not in spite of, but because the idea is so simple. ”[T]he Internet was designed to hold smaller networks together, turning them into one big network” lies up there with “They’re only words written down, how much damage can they do?” in tales of “Points, Missing thereof”. The thing isn’t that the idea of The Internet is complicated, it’s that the consequences are quite so far-reaching. The document appears to be doing the classic thing of arguing about what it originally was, as opposed to what it means now. Because the internet *isn’t the simple network of networks that once it was, not in the public mindset. It’s the far more complicated idea of the people using the network of networks. From granny on AOL though to Luke The L33t Hacksaw burning though a 1024 bit/sec connection. We need a new name either for this new thing, or for the old one. Then we can have this discussion without terminology getting in the way.
  • Cam returned with a well formed rant about Americanism. The US Administration still scares me, even more so now it appears to be running England as well. Blessings of any deities listening to anyone caught up in this fucking mess. That’s all of us, by the way.
  • Still not king yet.
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Proper Person

From Troubled Diva via London Mark:

You know you’re a “proper” weblogger when…

You ditch the standard template you grabbed off the shelf when you first started blogging, in favour of a design of your own making
Within seconds of starting my Blogger account way back in 2000, yes.
You start caring about what happens in The Bloggies
yes, Though that one and out the other side. I no longer care again.
You get listed on Daypop or Blogdex
yes, see Meme Creation thing below
You discover that you’re in the Google Top Ten for something completely unlikely and unintended, which generates loads of hits
Yes. Number two hit for “Fuckwit” before most of these new bloggers had even started.
People start leaving you sneery, snarky, anonymous comments
No. Not as yet, anyway.
You purchase your own domain name
Er, yeah, but that was before I was a blogger
You migrate from Blogger to Movable Type
Sort of. Migrated away from Blogger before MT was even released.
You start a “meme” (ahem).
Yeah, the ESF thing probably counts
You stop participating in “memes” (ahem) and online personality quizzes (as well as re-posting chain e-mail “funnies”), because you’re above all that now
I no longer take quite as many tests, and they have their own seperate page now anyway.
You string loads of other weblog names together in the middle of a post, in one great long list of linky-love
Not my style, doll. Apart from the UK Blogs Meet
You start dropping cute little in-jokes into the main body of your posts, which only a tiny handful of other webloggers will understand
I don’t think I do this. Do I do this?
You attend a Blogmeet
You make a submission to the Mirror Project
Not yet
You register your site with Blogdex, Daypop, Popdex, Technorati, Blogtree, Blogstreet, Blogwise, the Ageless Project, the Eatonweb Portal, GeoURL, Is My Blog Hot Or Not?, the UK Weblogs list
Some of the above.
You set up an RSS feed
Yeah, and define a better syndication format while I’m at it.
You start saying things like: actually, I’ve started to find the whole terminology surrounding so-called “blogging” so limiting these days, because you know, I don’t really feel that I fit the definition of a “blogger” any more, and couldn’t we all start to move away from these wholly arbitrary restrictions, because I suppose that if anything, I would consider myself more of a “personal publisher”, but even then I feel
It’s a journal, some of it is diary, some of it is more classic weblog. Stop it with the bloody monochromatics, people! We are allowed to fit into more than one pigeon-hole.

If that’s what makes a “proper” weblog, then I think I’ll stay improper, thanks.

HTML was broken, so some answers were for the wrong question which was hidden by missing quotes. Ickky

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(From a comment I just submitted to the BBC Bloogle Story that everyone is talking about)

I run an online journal (I hesitate to call it a weblog, I hesitate even more to call it a “blog” because the word isn’t one I like) which discusses such things as weblogs (ahh, navel gazing), the news, the state of the Nation, as well as Wot I did On My Holidays.

Most of this isn’t journalism.

You can say weblogging isn’t journalism if you like. You can also say “writing isn’t journalism”, or “Talking isn’t making speeches” or even “Hurting someone isn’t war”, and you would be equally correct, and win awards. Go You.

But some of hurting people will be over war, some of talking is spent making speeches, and some of weblogging is journalism. Writers for the newspapers, magazines and other journalistic outputs also have weblogs, where they are able to write something that doesn’t conform to what the leaders decide is the Official Position.

Equally, some weblogs are unsubstaniated piles of something nasty, but then again so are some “proper” news articles, pick your swings and take your places on the roundabout.

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Wow, this weblog thing is fun!

Wow, this weblog thing is fun!
Take a gander at Bloggers home page, thousands of people do them Daily! scary! Yey, it looks like today is a day of over using the exclaimation mark, which is probably bad.
There is a logical reason for this however, today is my last(!) day(!) at(!) Sunderland(!) until(!) after(!) Easter(!!!!). Which is cool, de’groovy, top-happy, fabulous, and good. In more and other news, Aquarionics is heading for a major (read, complete and total) re-design over easter. I have no idea what I want it to be, however, and that is causing problems. I think I might just change it from lots of little sites to one big one. This idea has arrived in the last 10 minutes, and so negates 3 days of desgining graphics for the revision. This is bad, as a general thing, because it means I have wasted my time, but is good coz I can now waste more. In fact, I think this diary is going to become the main page of Aquarionics. Hmm.