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Geek Codes

Okay, scary “How long?!” thing coming up.

Today, following a tradition I started in 1998 with my first web page, I updated my Geek Code

You can see it, as well as the other updates down the years here

Watch as my age increases, my fervor decreases, and I care more about the X-Files.

Next time I update it? It’ll be ten years.


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Okay, lack of content. Really sorry. I have no excuse.

I do, though, have the best mitigation report, the only such excuse valid in all parts of the world.

I have a note from my mum.

And with that crypic reference to forthcoming content, I shall leave you to guess.

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More low flying babies

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Good morning. There’s something special about today, but I can never remember what it is. Ah well, someone will remind me, I’m sure.

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Okay, I didn’t actually mean to stump people that badly.

So here’s another clue.

I really should learn, shouldn’t I, about letting people guess my age after The Jono Incident.

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A square number

Square numbers are interesting, but this one indicates a significant portion of a bigger square number which has more digits in it.

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Woooo Woooo

Sliding stealthily from the planes of unexistance back into the happy joy-filled world that we call reality. This is Radio Free Aquarionics. Hi there.

You may have noticed Aquarionics vanished for a little while. DNS hicup caused by the freak coincidence of a badly made gin and tonic, a small disposable sink and about four bottles of pure white sand.

Don’t ask, you really don’t want to know.

Livejournal syndicated readers? Don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. It was a complicated thing.

Bloglines syndicated readers? That was why we got a little red exclaimation point for a little while.

So, what has happened since we went off air? Well, we’re nearly nuking Iran, which isn’t good, but on the other hand we had a sucessful meet in Cambridge, where there was curry, geekery and stuff.

Ah, Cambridge. How I miss living in Cambridge. Land of Bridges, Cams, Kams, Reality Checkpoints, CB1

And I was convinced to try something new. A New, Exciting thing. All my friends were trying it, and the first one was free, apparently, but I said “No”, for I am true and knew it would end up putting me on a slippery slope.

“But it’s fun” they claimed, their arms drifting around me, “And loads of people you know already do it.”

“And”, they added, knowing my weak points as they do so often, “You’ll have an excuse to go to Cambridge more often.”

So yeah, I’m going to be trying this LARP thing.

I am a weak, weak man.